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Ells Cattle Ranch

Black Angus Half Beef Share Deposit

Black Angus Half Beef Share Deposit

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Black Angus Cattle Half Share Deposit - Deposit on Half Share of Beef to be harvested around mid-June of 2024.  Cattle are raised on our pasture grass, finished on grain, never given any hormones or antibiotics.  We are committed to preservation of our land, our natural resources to produce a quality and wholesome product. This listing is for a Half Share Deposit Reservation.

A "HALF" Share listing if for a "HALF" Steer (Half Share).  Upon harvest our steer weigh approx. 1400# live weight, so "HALF" Share is 700# live weight.  The fee charged by Ells Cattle Ranch is for the live weight, $3.20 per lb. The processing is a separate fee charged by the butcher, approx. $2.25 lb.. 

How it Works once a reservation is made for a Half Share:

1 -Approx. August, Steers will have a final weigh in.  

2 -After final weigh in, Ells Cattle Ranch will contact you with a final invoice.  We charge by Live Weight at Final weigh in. For example, if the steer weighs approx. 1400 lbs. the "Half Share" would be 700 lbs. live weight (700 lbs x $3.20 lb = $2,240.00).  Upon payment, the harvest date will be set and emailed to you. Ells Cattle Ranch will transport your half steer to the butcher of your choice, either Los Gatos Meats in Los Gatos or Freedom Meats in Watsonville. 

3-Los Gatos Meats (butcher) or Freedom Meats, Watsonville (butcher) will call you to go over your custom cut/wrap meat selections.  The steer will need to hang or age for 14-days minimum (21-day age preferred, additional charge), then your meat will be ready to be cut/wrapped. Payment due to the butcher upon pickup. Expect approx. 30-45-days from date of harvest for the butcher to complete the process and ready for pick up.  Be sure to check out their website at or

For more information, see our page "How Beef Shares Work".

We thank you for this opportunity to provide your family with quality ranch raised beef!

Get excited to FIRE UP THE GRILL!

From our family to yours, The Ells Family


Please note that Deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the final invoice. This is a live animal purchase; non- USDA processed and cannot be shipped.


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How It Works

     Breakdown of Fees for Purchase of Half Share

Steer will weigh approx. 1200-1500 lbs. at weigh-in which is their live weight. ( 1-Steer = 2 Half Shares ).

Live Weigh Fee: $3.20 lb. due to "Ells Cattle Ranch" less the Deposit Reservation.

Butcher Fee paid to the butcher-$2.25 lb. hanging weight (approx. 60% live weight), prices subject to change per the Butcher.

After harvest, your Half Share will be transported to the butcher. They will call you directly to get your custom cut preferences. Each Half Share yields approx. 220 +/- lbs. of beef. Your share will be ready for pick up approx. 45 days.  The butcher that we work with is Los Gatos Meats, Los Gatos CA.  Their Cut List will be sent with the Final Invoice.

Freezer space needed for each half share = approx. 6-10 cubic feet