Ranch Life

Our small ranch started with a dream of getting back to what we were brought up on in our younger years. We wanted our grown children, their spouses and our grandchildren to be able to understand and enjoy the country way of life that teaches so many of life's valuable lessons. It was important to us to have a place where friends and family can come together and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether it's a springtime family and friends BBQ at the ranch, while cattle slowly creep up to wonder what is going on, or everyone coming out to help work cattle and guess the weight of our steers, it's all about working together, being together and giving the best care to our steers.

There really isn't a ranch if respect for the land is not a main priority. We strive to make sure our pastures are not overgrazed by practicing rational grazing. We also feel that besides sustaining our pastures for our steer, we understand that other wildlife depends on it for their survival as well. We make every effort to look for ways to attract and sustain resident wildlife at the ranch.

We enlarged our pond which proved to be very critical for the wildlife to be able to survive the years of drought. The pond was the only water source around for the deer, bobcats, coyotes and other wildlife's survival and is a nice area for the steers to cool off.

Our small ranch is many things to our family. It's about the connection with the outdoors, caring for the cattle and wildlife that we are able to provide healthy, wholesome beef for your families.

Be blessed and enjoy!

The Ells Family